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Marzagana Echeyde 2022

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Marzagana Elementales
Vino de España

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Marzanaga Echeyde is a red wine from Tenerife, in the Canary Islands. Made with Listán Negro grapes from centenary vines grown in volcanic soils, this wine stands out for its natural and biodynamic production.


The grapes are harvested by hand and fermented with indigenous yeasts for 21 days in stainless steel tanks, followed by ageing for 4 to 9 months in used French oak barrels. This process without filtration or fining, and without the addition of sulphites, gives it a unique and authentic personality. The result is a serious red wine, with a bold character and an alcohol content of approximately 12.5%.


Marzanaga Echeyde is a complex and rich experience. On the nose, there are notes of ripe black fruits and a distinctive smoky touch, a product of the volcanic soil of the region. On the palate, it presents medium acidity, medium body and delicate tannins that balance perfectly with the primary aromas of forest fruits. Its taste profile also includes hints of volcanic ash and subtle spices, typical of wines produced in the La Orotava area. This wine is dry and has a medium-lasting finish, which makes it an excellent choice to accompany main courses and elegant dinners.
Marzanaga Echeyde is undoubtedly a wine that reflects the essence of its terroir, showing a harmonious integration between tradition and contemporary winemaking techniques. Its limited production and its focus on sustainability and minimal intervention make this wine a special choice for natural and biodynamic wine lovers.

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