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Alvear PX 1927

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Montilla Moriles

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Parker Points: 96
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HK$ 258.12

Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

The impressive 1927 Pedro Ximenez Solera, from a Solera begun nearly 80 years ago, boasts a dark amber color as well as an extraordinary nose of creme brulee, liquefied nuts, marmalade, and maple syrup. Huge and viscous, yet neither cloyingly sweet nor heavy, it is a profound effort priced unbelievably low. It is meant to be drunk alone at the end of a meal.



Alvear PX 1927 is a sweet wine of exceptional quality, originally from Montilla-Moriles. This wine is a single varietal, made from 100% Pedro Ximénez grapes. The uniqueness of this wine begins with the process of raisining the grapes in the sun, a technique that concentrates their natural sugars and enhances the flavours.


The ageing of this wine is a crucial aspect of its production. It is carried out in American oak casks, following the traditional system of criaderas and soleras. This process lasts more than 5 years, and is essential to develop its complexity and depth of flavours. Alvear PX 1927 comes from one of the oldest soleras of the winery, started in 1927, which adds historical value and tradition to each bottle.


Alvear PX 1927 is characterised by a sweet, ample and unctuous taste. In the mouth, hints of coffee caramel with milk and cocoa can be appreciated, on a background of sultanas. This wine has a very long finish, leaving a lasting impression on the palate. Its colour is bright mahogany with iodised tones, and on the nose, it is powerful and attractive with roasted notes and hints of pastries and coffee liqueur.
This wine is ideal with desserts, especially those that include dark chocolate or blue cheeses.

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Customer reviews
  • 09/04/22 Alvear PX 1927 exactly as expected
  • 21/02/22 Alvear PX 1927 Absolutely fantastic PX wine. Sweet and powerful,with beutiful taste of raisins,figs ,caramel ,toasted nuts. Yes indeed, this is good!
  • 27/04/20 Alvear PX 1927 Best wine you can get, tastes amazing. I would reccomend a cork instead of plastic top
  • 02/03/22 Alvear PX 1927 Sigan así!